Apply Now

Families interested in enrolling their child can expect the following process.

  1. Contact us to schedule a tour and learn about the program.
  2. Download and fill out an application. You may fax it, mail it or drop it off at the Institute.
  3. The Early Learning Institute admissions team will reply within 3 business days of a submitted application:
    1. We will schedule a preliminary screening or
    2. Refer you to another provider if your child does not meet preliminary criteria
  4. Once a screening is scheduled, you will come to the Early Learning Institute for a 90-minute assessment during which time our Clinical Director will administer a skills assessment to your child while one of our clinicians will conduct an interview with a parent/guardian.
  5. Our admissions team will contact you within five business days of a completed screening to let you know if your child has been accepted.
  6. Once your child is accepted into the program, you will have a limited amount of time to accept the position and complete final paperwork.
  7. If your child is not accepted into the program, we will provide references to other providers in the area.

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